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Free Cooking – Download Recipes and Food Blogger Templates

Cooking Blogger Template – Piki Templates | Cooking – recipe and food blogger template Also known as Cook Blogger Templates The best template for any Blogger platform that provides an SEO friendly and AdSense friendly way to this template. The Blogger template is designed to chef and reset bloggers, not just modify our Think Designer to easily customize the template without any problems, you can use it in any group. Templates that use clean and featured gadgets are ideal for inserting labels with linked list gadgets to display custom links to manage everything in the Blogger layout. Its style Piki Blogger Templates Very personalized and easy to understand. Recipes template for cooking Blogger template and quick help in all browsers


Cooking style, common link list posts with gadgets that work with fast loading feature posts. The prototype is fast for loading browser design and usability.


Yes, this template is sensitive to all kinds of devices like tablet mobiles and laptops. The template looks great and neat, elegant and fast in landing.

Color / layout

Go to Format and then click on Theme Designer, you can easily use different color change font options on your website without HTML code. The layout can be easily dragged with the simple gadget of Blogger Link List.

Ad ready

This design is ready for advertising and is well-connected and supportable with any ADS partner on your blog.

Different languages

Now just go to set and change the language on your blog and use any language format.

There is no encrypted script

We provide the best smooth and fast template response template without malware and encrypted scripts

SEO meta tags

To make your websites more convenient for search engines, we’ve created the best SEO meta tags.

Theme customization

Now, customize and simplify your theme without pre-installed theme editor software

Loading fast

Please note, the results of the optimized / compressed template, please contact us to speed up.

Search engine friendly

We have the best identification tools to improve the quality and consistency of your website.

Other premium features of the Cooking Blogger template

  • Compatible: Both desktop / mobile versions
  • Loading fast
  • Custom 404 error page
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fully responsive
  • Google Tools Verifier


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