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NihLink - Safelink Template Blogger

Free NihLink Download – Safelink Blogger Template v2.6.5

NihLink – Safelink Template Blogger Free Download 2.6.5 – Premium Blogger Template | NihLink – Safelink Premium Blogger Template Includes a fast and responsive download theme with timer. NihLink Safelink has the same premium features as the Blogger template WP Secure Link Plugin for WordPress But the best part is that it comes down to Blogger. This is a nice script that is easy to use and it uses Bootstrap, CryptoJes (AES) etc.

NihLink – Safelink Template Features

  • Countdown timer
  • Encrypt URL
  • Sticky ads
  • Unlock with password

How to create Safelink pages / articles using Blogger?

  1. HTML mode
  2. Just


  3. Or you can set the ID in the settings section
url: "", //blog url, if it is empty it will automatically use the blog url (don't add a slash at the end of the url)
page: "p/page.html", // url safelink page / safelink article
output: "#output", // place the output link, use the id attribute
fixednavbar: true, // please change to true / false if you want the Navbar to float
countdown: true, // please change to true / false if you want safelink page with countdown
timedown: 10, // countdown start
lang: {
  urlempty: "URL can not be empty",
  convertsuccess: "Convert URL success, copy url on box below",
  validtext: "HTTP, HTTPS, or WWW",
  gourltext: "Click here to go",
  nourl: "No URl here",
  errorconvert: "URL can not to convert",
  emptypass: "Password can not be empty",
  wrongpass: "Password is incorrect",
  countdowntext: "Please Wait {{anascountdown}} Second";


NihLink v2.6.5 – Download links for Safelink Premium Blogger Template