Lili Reinhart talks about the “serious” battle for body image: “destructive feeling”


Lili Reinhart opens up about struggling with body image problems to make fans with similar problems feel less alone.

“I’ve struggled with obsessive thoughts about my body / weight over the past few months, and it got pretty serious last week,” 25-year-old star “Riverdale” she wrote on her stories on Instagram. “So I want to take a moment to be sensitive and share this, hoping that any of you who also have problems don’t feel so alone.”

Lili Reinhart at the Met Gala 2021 in New York.

Theo Wargo via Getty Images

Reinhart specifically talked about how being part of the “where ~ inconvenient ~ when it’s not the sample size” industry harms her image.

“I didn’t think that being in this industry so obsessed with women’s bodies and weights could ever spoil the acceptance and positivity of my own body.” She wrote. – But it happened.

The actor called it a “devastating feeling” “not to feel at home in your own skin.”

“My body has carried me over 25 years of my life,” she wrote. “All my scars, tears, injuries … I wish I could love it more, even if it doesn’t look like it was at 20.”

Reinhart has previously discussed depression and anxiety and has been a sincere advocate of mental health throughout his career. Earlier she said that in high school her feelings were rejected and she wants others not to have this experience.

“Teenage kids feel pressured to sweep things under the rug because they feel they aren’t important enough to have problems. I dealt with it, ”she said in 2017. “People used to say,“ You have no reason to be upset. Your feelings are illogical. My message is that it is not true. You don’t have to have a reason. Your feelings are confirmed by the fact that you feel them. “


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