Deactivate Plugins Per Page v1.13.0

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Download free passive plugin per page – Improve WordPress Performance v1.13.0

Disable Plugins per page – Improve WordPress Performance Free Download 1.13.0 – CodeCanyon | Disable plugins per page v1.13.0 – Improve WordPress performance This is a premium tool that helps you a lot to speed up your site on the web. You can easily disable plugins on specific WordPress pages with “Disable plugins per page” (or all but one selected page).

This is useful for speeding up your site because mainly JavaScript and CSS plugins are loaded on each page, even if you use them on one page.

For active plugins, you can add disabling rules. For example you can add a rule to disable a contact form plugin in all URIs except the contact page.

Group plugins that work together

You must add these plugins to a plugin group, and add disabling rules to that group if you have a plugin for which the other plugin is enabled to work. If only one of these is disabled, the other plugin may cause a worldwide error or disability.

Do not disable the required plugins for your theme

Some plugins are needed for some things to work properly. You may have problems if you disable these plugins.



Download the link to disable the v1.13.0 plugin per page – Improve WordPress Performance



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