GD bbPress Toolbox Pro v6.4.4 Free Download

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Download the free GD bbPress Toolbox Pro Nuld v6.4.4

GD BBPress Toolbox Pro Free Download Noodle 6.4.4 – Dev4Press | GD BBPress Toolbox Pro v6.4.4 Expand bbPress powered forums with attachments, uploads, BBCodes support, signatures and widgets. Quotes, widgets and toolbar menu and activity tracking, additional views, advanced widgets.

GD BBPress Toolbox Pro provides a powerful plugin for forum expansion powered by BBPress with various new features specifically designed for forums.

The mainstay of the GD BBPress Toolbox Pro is the feature, which is intended for a simple setup and management. With the most recent version of the toolbox you can find 48 features that are accessible through the features panel. Each feature has its own settings panel and different options are available for managing the feature.

Plugin Dashboard

An excellent starting point for users to learn more about the forum, posts, content and get compliments.

About the page

Find information about the latest plugin version, full version change log, plugin details and other Dave 4 Press plugins that work with WordPress.

Connecting magic

Set up the most important options of the plugin before starting the plugin. The wizard has multiple panels for setting up modules and more.

Features architecture

The main feature of the plugin is the feature. Most of the features can be turned on or off, or managed from the Features admin page.

WordPress Dashboard

The plugin integrates two widgets into the WordPress main dashboard. The first widget displays recent topics and feedback, the other widget lists the number of users online.

The plugin includes various new widgets for viewing topics, filtering topics and replies, showing online user statistics, current users and more.

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