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Contact Form CF7 Storage for WordPress Plugin

Download Free Storage for Contact Form CF7 WordPress Plugin v2.0.3

Contact Form CF7 WordPress Plugin Save for Free Download 2.0.3 – CodeCanyon | Storage for Contact Form CF7 WordPress Plugin v2.0.3 Export all deposits or use date and form filters to narrow down which entries need to be exported. Entry attachment links are also included in the export.

All Contact Form 7 submissions (including attachments) are stored in your WordPress database via Contact Form 7 Storage (DB). Even if e-mail notifications are lost or removed, all contact form entries and business leads are carefully kept.

Each entry contains the following information about submission:

  • Individual input field values ​​(also available as separate columns in exported CSV files).
  • The URL of the post or page where the contact form was sent to (referrer).
  • The subject line of the email sent to the receiver of the contact form.
  • Date and time of entry.
  • Contact form is the recipient’s e-mail address.
  • Attachment All contact forms have been uploaded.
  • Submit IP address, browser and device information (user-agent).
  • Link to the contact form configuration page that was used for submission.

This plugin adds a new section called “Entry” to the “Contacts” menu of the WordPress Dashboard, which lists all contact form submissions in reverse chronological order. To save unnecessary clicks, each entry is given a quick preview.

Contact form entries can be filtered and sorted using the dropdown selector at the top of the list based on the contact form used for submission and the date of submission.

GDPR compliance

While this plugin does not guarantee GDPR compliance, it does provide the following functions to help:

  • Easily delete form entry data, meta data, and uploaded attachments
  • Disable user IP address and browser data storage.

Kaspars Dambis, a WordPress core contributor and professional WordPress developer since 2007, created and maintained this plugin. Plugin Builder handles all support searches.

All form submissions are stored in the WordPress backend and forwarded via e-mail. E-mail delivery is never completely reliable, so backing up all contact information ensures that you never miss a lead or question.


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