SVG Animation for Elementor v1.0

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Download Free Liner – SVG animation for Element V1.0

Liner – Element SVG animation for free download 1.0 – CodeCanyon | Liner – SVG animation for Elementar v1.0 Not just for animated SVGs. You can manage style and position on any line of your animation using this WordPress plugin for Element. You do not need an icon to match your objectives from your default library to use or download your own SVG file.

You can add animated logos, product layouts, Element widgets, or other site elements to get in touch by calling Action Block. For any WordPress platform, the liner plugin can be effective in making it more friendly and attractive. Smooth settings for the whole animation as well as part of the SVG allow you to achieve a unique result and showcase the styles of your theme.

The plugin has simple settings for animation type, animation delay and duration configuration. Color, width or offset X / Y can be defined or rotated for each direction. Even the same setting is open for full SVG animation and a CSS filter can be set to achieve a specific result.

Element’s line is significantly more consistent for all modern browsers. What browser users see on your site is not considered: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge. On all computers and all browsers, everything will look great.

Linear properties for elements

  • Tested and compatible with WordPress 5+
  • Custom SVG support
  • 5 liner templates included
  • Start animation on hover, click Viewport and Autostart
  • Add a link to the SVG
  • Custom settings for animation duration
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Easy to use and customize with modern user interface
  • Responsiveness settings
  • Works well with all WordPress themes built into Element
  • Customizable path color
  • Quick and smooth installation
  • Customizable offset-X / Y
  • Suitable for element 2.5 and higher
  • SEO friendly
  • Includes container files for quick translation into any language
  • Suitable for RTL directions
  • All major browsers supported
  • Installation guide and detailed user manual



Download links for liner – SVG animation for Element V 1.0



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