Taber – Tabs for Elementor v1.0.2 Free Download

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Download Free Tabs – Tabs of Element v1.0.2

Tabar – Element is a tab for free download 1.0.2 – CodeCanyon | Tabar – Tabs for Element v1.0.2 A premium add-on for creating responsive tabs with information quickly and efficiently. Either way, you can see tabs like top, bottom, left, right or even custom positions that are easy to use on different devices. All images, audio, video and shortcodes can be used.

The plugin contains common tab titles, contents or arrow settings. For different elements, you can control the size, typeface, color, background, borders and other stuff. Different styles can be used for different tab states as hover or active.

Flexible and intuitive configurations allow you to manage your widget display as needed. The WordPress plugin gives Tabs icons for each tab to add or use their own images using the Font Wonder Library. Height can be set for all tabs or by content. You can implement a unique solution for block viewing with custom tab locations to attract your visitors. The widget is compatible with WooCommerce and Element templates.



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