WatuPRO v6.4.2 – Plugin To Create Exams, Tests and Quizzes

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Download free WatuPRO – Plugin v6.4.2 to create tests, tests and quizzes

WatuPRO – Plugin to create free downloads of tests, tests and quizzes 6.4.2 – CalendarScript | WatuPRO v6.4.2 – Plugin for creating tests, tests and quizzes An online multi-purpose quiz, survey and experimental application that can be used to increase learning, testing, data analysis, competition, competition, marketing and user engagement on your website.

WatuPRO is a WordPress plugin inside your website.

WatuPRO is communication friendly / mobile. It works on both current browsers and desktops.

A high level of technical skill is not essential.

Create tests, surveys and tests and show the results as soon as the consumer completes the questionnaire. For each grade of your exam / quiz, you can provide grade and point level. Then add each answer and point People Quiz Will determine the grade according to the total number of points.

Light version of it People Pro Is Watu for WordPress. Check if you want to conduct full-featured exams by exporting data, student logins, complex grading systems, departments, studies, research, etc.

Easy to get started very quickly: Once installed, Watu Quiz presents a quick demo test with 3 questions.

This smartphone / touch plugin is easy to use. Tests are conducted on mobile and telephone systems.

To start testing, experimenting or surveying, check out the Watu Quizzes on your dashboard.



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