Woofunnels v2.9.2 – Optimize WooCommerce Checkout with Aero

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Download free Woofunnels – Optimize WooCommerce checkout with Aero v2.9.2

Woofunnels – Aero Optimize WooCommerce checkout with free download 2.9.2 – Buildwoofunnels | Woofunnels v2.9.2 – Optimize WooCommerce checkout with Arrow Provides you with ready-to-use checkout templates, embedded forms, one-page checkouts, and other useful features for your website. It’s the most configurable checkout page plugin available, and it’s designed to increase conversions.

Check out pages with many steps

A long checkout form looks awful. You can break it down into several steps: first collect the contact information, then the rest of the information. Capture emails as soon as possible in the process.

Changes to small carts

Make it possible for consumers to review things before buying. They have the ability to delete the item (s), change the quantity and view the image of the item. Prepare to give your customers a positive user experience.

Preview of fields

A useful feature is to allow users to preview the selected fields from the previous step in the current step. If there is an error, they can immediately hit the change button and change a field. The transition from one stage to another is smooth.

Google is autocomplete for addresses

Mistyped addresses are a common cause of costly delivery failures. Address Autocomplete allows users to type in a few letters of their street address and get a list of possible matches.


Aero Checkout

Download link for Woofunnels v2.9.2 – Optimize WooCommerce Checkout with Aero



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