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Receive payments using the WP Adverts - WooCommerce plugin

Download Free WP Ads – Receive Payments Using WooCommerce Plugin v1.6.2

WP Ads – Receive payments using the WooCommerce plugin free download 1.6.2 – WPA Advertising | WP Adverts v1.6.2 – Accept payments using the WooCommerce plugin Integrating your WPA ads with WooCommerce allows WooCommerce to receive paid advertising.

If you’re already familiar with WooCommerce, just enable this integration, create ad listing products, and start paying. Easy.

The hard part was that these two powerful plugins worked seamlessly together, but we have many years of WordPress knowledge and we did it all for you – and yes, we always keep WPA ads up to date with Woo upgrades!

But wait, what?

WooCommerce is generally a big dog in e-commerce and a big dog in e-commerce in WordPress.

This is a popular way to create your own store on a WordPress site, and it has a free install and then a premium extension that lets you do almost anything store-related with it. And now, thanks to WPA advertising, you can use it for classifieds too!


WooCommerce Integration

Download Link for WP Adverts v1.6.2 – Receive Payments Using WooCommerce Plugin