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Download theme for free Explode U Points and Rewards v1.1.7 Noodles

Explode themes and points and rewards free download noodles 1.1..7 – Explodthames | Explode themes and points and rewards v1.1.7 nuled This is an extension for WooCommerce that lets you repay your customers as available for discounts with points for purchases and other discounts. Specify how many points customers can spend for each dollar and simply specify how many points to pay for a specific reduction amount. You can also control maximum discounts on redemption points through product, category or international level.

U Points and Rewards Plugin for WordPress An extension for Wlcommers that enables consumers to establish loyalty by repurchasing their purchases with refundable points.

As a store owner, you care about customer loyalty. Loyalty to the customer leads to repeated transactions and ultimately to a happier client. As human beings, we have this idea that we are “nothing”. If I can spend a product now and get discounts that I can sell on any potential purchase, I can make my purchase even more.

Reward customer purchases with redirect points for discounts!

Reward your customers with points that can be used for coupons for sales and other activities. Specify how many points a client can earn for each dollar and how many points a particular discount can redeem Spec points can be awarded at the product, category or global level and the maximum discount of points paid can be controlled.



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