Free Download BuddyBoss – Platform Plugin v1.5.8

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Download Free Buddybus – Platform Plugin v1.5.8

Bodybus – Platform Plugin Free Download 1.5.8 – Buddy Boss | Bodybus – Platform Plugin v1.5.8 Makes it easy to share your experiences and passions and helps expand your community.

The platform allows organized instruction, micro-learning, social learning and play for a dedicated learning experience. Thank you for integrating the Buddybus app, your employees may have a white label smartphone app for themselves to learn on the go.

Online communities

Your fans or customers can link to their brand through an online community. Members will discuss topics with each other in forums and groups.

It helps build loyalty, gather feedback, value your audience more, and engage your brand. You can launch your own mobile app and keep your community connected to the Budibus app integration.

Online membership program

Provide value to members by providing consistent and recurring revenue sources. Use gamification and group functions to keep the community involved.

Benefits from Bodybus plugin for WordPress, Launch your own mobile application and allow everyone to stay connected and access ongoing training.

Your members will learn from each other, enhance your brand image and reduce your workload.

Corporate training

Success in today’s competitive market requires a central hub to prepare the workforce and to connect and engage with the workforce. Bodybus lets you focus on studying and learning.

It provides support for formal teaching, micro-learning, social studies and dedicated study experience.

Thanks to the integration of bodybus technology, employees are now able to learn on-the-go through their own white-label smartphone app.

Non-profit organization

Reduce boarding and training costs through standard online training courses for your staff and volunteers. Provide critical skills training, including successful fundraising or grant proposals to help increase organization support.

Use your team features to engage your staff, volunteers, and stakeholders to further enhance your reputation.

Take advantage of its integration Buddybus plugin, Start your own mobile app and let everyone stay connected and take a course.

Online school and mixed studies

Online education is growing faster than ever before. Budibus helps you create an open learning environment for the benefit of your students from anywhere in the world.

Is possible through gaming solutions for structured learning, micro learning, social learning and committed learning experiences

Thank you for the Budibus app integration, you may even have your own white-labeled smartphone app, so you can practice on the go.

Member profile

All of its participants revolve around a community website. Customize your group with fully editable profile fields to share information about yourself.

Custom profile type

This is special for each group. Depending on the type of profile you can create as many profile types as you like, define names and rules and settings.

Custom profile fields

To share information from your own, depending on your own style of use, you can collect and view different information on your profile.

Profile permissions and rules

Specify different delegates for WordPress functions. Restrict payments to members’ directories or give them additional profile fields.


BuddyBoss Platform

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