LogiPro v3.1 – Delivery, Freight, Distribution & Logistics for WordPress

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Download Free Logipro – Delivery, Freight, Delivery and Logistics for WordPress v3.1

Logipro – WordPress Free Download Distribution, Freight, Distribution and Logistics 3.1 – ThemeForst | Logipro v3.1 – Delivery, Freight, Delivery and Logistics for WordPress It is a premium web design that helps you build a world-class website for transportation activities with a responsive design designed to be of the highest quality and full of the essential functions available in the required responsive month e-commerce.

Naturally Logipro WordPress Theme It has a fully responsive design, which currently covers all current devices, but it also remembers what an organization’s website actually needs for transport and logistics … no blisters, just the features you need.

Slider elements, trend particle animations and even parallax backdrops – class-scrolling favicon – take WordPress to a world-class design with a feature that will make your customers more enjoyable.

Integrated monitoring and tracking services

When you run the number one feature, which will be used repeatedly, a delivery firm, your tracking service is probably your best on-site service. Customers will go to your homepage and expect it to be at the forefront and center.

You can install a tracking box directly on your homepage to maximize the happiness of a client who knows your claims by including phishing and scam protection.

Quote service integration

You should be able to provide a quote to serve your customers to address this at the highest point in terms of features. We have a fully integrated quote service box for you, unlike any other theme. Air, land, sea or drone it floats to the top without AJX without leaving the current page and can be perfectly adjusted outside the box. No plugins or other downloads required.

Radical homepage design

Start with Logipro theme for WordPress Includes eight incredibly different homepage designs in a very short time.

These are not just remodeling your normal homepages with different images; These are intelligently designed and purposefully designed to help you create a fast and cool website for your business with highly personalized and unique features.



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