MetaFans v2.4.1 – Community & Social Network BuddyPress Theme

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Metafance – Community and Social Network Buddy Press Theme Free Download 2.4.1 – Themeforest | MetaFans v2.4.1 – Community and social network BuddyPress theme Provides an elegant interface, a box and a slider for easy access to all parts of the profile, for example: other community pages for unlocking badges, photos, full search, tweets, etc. are also available, such as operations, full profile settings, members and group directories And much more!

The developers have carefully crafted this theme to create an incredible community with complete profiles, badges, feedback, groups, badges, searches, rankings and credits and much more!

Metafans strengthens your social profile

Strong social communities by friends We have expanded with more benefits of Feedback, Share, Media and Body Press Plugin!

Gamipress Metafans has created a complete experience including passwords, searches, credits and classes to give users an incredible experience with incredible gamification!

Element Building Page Design All pages are carefully designed to meet your needs! In addition, we provide demo data in our API for free.

Reformed profile status update form!

The bodypress update status box has been reformed! Pictures, GIF uploads easily. Update status, edit posts, even attach YouTube videos with URLs !! A variety of status updates and activity postings are available (such as when someone becomes your friend). Also, you need to pin your posts with our custom icons, mark them as desirable and personal!

Gamipress: Badge Gamification

We’ve created an ignition policy with the Gamipress feature that lets you unlock profile ranges and earn loans! You can show them with badge widgets on their profile!

Gamipress: Quests Gamification

We’ve also created a search feature with the Gamipress Achievement feature that lets you complete and get credit for opening open numbers in your profile. Like badges, search widgets will happily display them on your profile!

Gamipress: Credit and Coin Gamification

We have produced three different credits using the Gamipress Point feature: gold, jewelry and emerald. Use them to open and upgrade terms! The Credit Widget lets you proudly display them on your profile, and you can still see your current balance in your top bar.



Download link for MetaFans v2.4.1 – Community and Social Network BuddyPress Themes



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