v. ez Form Calculator – WordPress plugin Nulled

Download ez Form Calculator Nulled – WordPress plugin v.

ez Form Calculator Nulled
New major feature: Repeatable Fields
Matrix element improved:
Multiple conditions for each row
Create/add conditions from elements
Add your own summary loop templates
Located in /your-child-theme/ezfc/result/<summary-theme>/loop-<element_type>.php
Compatibility with WP 5.5.x and SMTP emails
Conditional redirect to URL fixed
Invoice ID field was empty when using Zapier integration
Some form options were not saved correctly in rare cases

Versatile Usage – Create Diverse WordPress Forms

Media agencies: customers can submit their needs (like logo creation, websites etc.) directly. ez Form Calculator Nulled

Photography studios: portraits, outdoor or indoor shooting – let your customers decide online.

Event managers: save time by adding elements your customers can choose from like amount of people, menu type, date etc.. ez Form Calculator Nulled

Table rate shipping: users can calculate their shipping costs without searching through an endless table.

Real estate: customers can configure their future house immediately.

Savings calculator: create savings calculator easily, e.g. LED wattage calculator, service costs etc.

Charity organizations: create a donation system within minutes!

And many more! Increase your customers satisfaction with ez Form Calculator.

ez Form Calculator Nulled Features

  • Generate forms with visual drag’n’drop-editor
  • Advanced calculation: perform multiple calculations with each form element
  • Formulas like x+y*(a-b) and other nested calculations can be created visually. li>
  • 15+ different form elements like dropdown-menus, checkboxes, datepicker etc.
  • Backend verification for increased security
  • Translation ready (e.g. WPML) ez Form Calculator – WordPress plugin Nulled
  • File uploads: users can upload single/multiple files and send them as email attachment
  • Conditional logic: show, hide and set values conditionally
  • Discounts: modify price by value ranges, ez Form Calculator Nulled
  • Visual email handling with the WordPress editor
  • Import / export forms for easy backups ez Form Calculator – WordPress plugin free download
  • WooCommerce integration: attach forms to products or simply use WooCommerce as payment gateway
  • Generate and attach PDF files in emails from submissions
  • PayPal integration ez Form Calculator – WordPress plugin gpl
  • Stripe integration

ez Form Calculator – WordPress plugin Nulled Demo

Download ez Form Calculator Nulled – WordPress plugin v.

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