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Vikings Nulled– BuddyPress and GamiPress Social Community WordPress Theme The Next Generation WordPress + Buddypress Social Community!

We carefully designed this theme for you to have all you need to build an incredible community with full profiles, reactions, groups, badges, quests, ranks, credits and much more to come! The Best Way to Connect With Your Friends!

BuddyPress Powered Social Community Nulled  We took advantage and expanded the Buddypress plugin with reactions, shares, media, and much more! Incredible Gamification with Gamipress We created a full gamification experience with badges, quests, credits and ranks to create an awesome experience! Super Detailed Design Elements & Pages All pages are carefully crafted to fit all you may need! Also, we included lots of illustrations and elements PSD’s! Vikinger Nulled

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Download Vikinger Nulled v.1.3.1

Version 1.3.1 February 4th 2021


- Fixed the header showing the cogwheel dropdown on lower resolutions when the same information was available on the mobile menu.

- Fixed the username (mention name) of the post author (in post version 3) being centered instead of aligned to the left.

- Fixed the "locked" and "unlocked!" achievement progress bar text not being translatable.

- Fixed "Archive" pages showing the page headers when the option to hide them was selected on the Customizer.

New Features

- Replaced "Messages" string with "Inbox" on the header messages dropdown to avoid confusion regarding the previewed content.

Color Theme Switch

You can now choose to enable a color theme switch via the "Customizer" -> "Vikinger Settings" -> "Color Presets" menu. 

If enabled, your site logged in users will be able to change between a "Light" and "Dark" theme while browsing the site by using a sun / moon button that is added on the header on desktop and on the header menu on mobile.

From the same Customizer section you can set which of the existing color presets you want to assign when the "Light" or "Dark" theme modes are activated. For example, you can choose to use the "Custom" color preset for the "Light" theme mode, and the "Carbon Yellow" color preset for the "Dark" theme mode.

You can also set the default theme mode ("Light" or "Dark") that is used when the color theme switch is active.

When the color theme switch is disabled, the theme will use the color preset that you assign in the "Color Preset" option.

BP Better Messages Compatibility

The theme is now compatible with the BP Better Messages plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-better-messages/  This means that, when the plugin is installed and active, it will replace the Messages profile setting screen with the one provided by the plugin. Also, when clicking on a message from the header messages dropdown, it will correctly open and display that message on the settings screen.

Verified Member for BuddyPress Integration

Added support for the "Verified Member for BuddyPress" plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-verified-member/  All member related widgets now support the display of the "verified" badge next to the user fullname or username (mention name) according to the setting the user has selected on the plugin ("Settings" -> "BuddyPress" -> "Verified Member").

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