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Stories Nulled are a full-screen immersive experience. They’re hosted on the open web with their own URL, making them easily shareable. But, what if you want to integrate stories into your own site, for example, within a blog, product description or news article?

The AMP Story Player enables you to embed stories that users are able to tap or click through, inside of a web page. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how.

You can embed AMP stories inside a non-AMP page, allowing users to tap or click through the experience without leaving the host document!

AMP Stories Nulled Features

  • Include the two required scripts in the head of your document.
  • The first script imports the logic for the player and the second one sets the default styling. AMP Stories Nulled
  • Include the <amp-story-player> element inside the document body. Then specify the desired story by placing an <a> tag inside of the <amp-story-player> element. Point the href to the story’s location. The href may point to the URL of a hosted story or a relative path. Place the title of the story within the <a> tags. AMP Stories gpl
  • You may define the story player’s width, height, and other styles inline or as you would any other element’s style.
  • We recommend maintaining a 3:5 aspect ratio for the best user experience, but you may define any width and height. AMP Stories free download

AMP Stories Demo

Download AMP Stories v1.4.5

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