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Download free Vikinger v1.3.3 – Bodypress and Gamepress social community

Vicenza – Budipress and Gamepress social community free download 1.3.3 – ThemeForst | Vikings v1.3.3 – Bodypress and Gamepress social communities | In this design the developers have created three separate credits using the Gamipress Points feature: gold, gems and emeralds. To unlock new ranks, use them and level up! With the Credit Widget, you can proudly display them on your profile and you’ll always be able to see your current balance at the top bar.

We have included a PSD with three credits but they are created with the help of PS vectors, so you can customize them in any way or create new ones!

We’ve also created a quest system using the GamePress Achievements function where you can complete unlock profile rankings and earn money! You can proudly display these on your profile with Quest Widgets just like budget!

A complete blog with 3 individual views to help people easily search for their favorite posts: charts, small grids and large grids. We’ve prepared a variety of posts, such as: regular, video, audio and gallery, and three separate post comments.

We’ve also added responses, such as Budpress Post updates, so that people can show what they think.



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Download links for Vicanger v1.2.0 – bodypress and gamepress social community


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